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  • Can I bring my children to class?

No. We often have multiple classes going on and customers taking tests, children can be a large distraction for those participating in classes and testing. Please keep your children at home.

  • How do I get my suspended license back?

You must take the Driver Improvement Program then appear at DMV with the certificate you received. You will then pay a fine and your license may be reinstated, at the discretion of the DMV.

  • I’m an adult and need to get my license for the first time, what do I do?

You must first obtain a Learner’s Permit. The only requirement for Adults is that they hold the Learner’s Permit for 60 days. Adults are meant to learn to drive in this period of time. Adults are not required to take Drivers Education or Behind the Wheel. After the 60 day period has expired, they may take the Road Test at DMV.


Behind the Wheel


  • Can I schedule 2 sessions a day to finish quicker?

No. You can schedule ONE session per day and at your instructors discretion.

  • Can I start Behind the Wheel before I finish Drivers Education?

If you are doing Online Drivers Education, you may not schedule for Behind the Wheel until you have taken and passed the final exam for Drivers Education.

  • Can parents ride along?

Parents do not ride along with instructors and students. DMV prohibits parents being in the car when Behind the Wheel is being taught. The presence of a parent often increases anxiety in the student. The 45 hours of required driving is the time when parents should be observing their child behind the wheel.




  • Can I leave early if I finish all of the work?

No. You may not leave early, no matter how quickly you finish the work. Re-Exam is not meant to be a fun time. We are trying to prepare you to take the test at the DMV and to PASS it. That means you have to do the work and put in the study time. We have a variety of work that will keep you busy. 

  • If I wait until I am 18, then I won’t have to take re-exam to get my license?

No. The requirement for re-exam never expires. If you have failed the exam 3 times while under 18, it will not disappear when you come of age. You will still need to take re-exam to ever be allowed to take the test at DMV again.

  • Can I take Re-Exam in my native language?

Re-Exam is only taught in English and Spanish at this time. While the DMV offers the permit and knowledge tests in many languages, the re-exam program is only taught in Spanish and English.


Driver's Education


  • Can all students take Online Driver’s Education or is it only for home-school kids?

All students can take Drivers Education online. While it was true some years ago that only home-schooled students could take the online program, this is no longer the case in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • I found an online version of the 90 Minute Parent/Teen Course, will that be accepted?

No student in Planning District 8 (Fairfax County, Loudon County, Arlington County, Prince William County and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas & Manassas Park) is permitted to take the 90 minute Parent Teen Course online. We will not accept any certificate for an online course, nor will the DMV. The Vadets online Parent/Teen video is not acceptable for anyone residing in Planning District 8.This information is available on the DMV Website, the FCPS website as well as our website. It is not permitted and will not be accepted.

  • Don’t I have to take Driver’s Education before I can get a Learner’s Permit?

No. You are not required to have any sort of training before getting a Learner’s Permit. Once you are 15 years and 6 months old, you may go to the DMV and take the Learner’s Permit test. The questions are based on the Drivers Manual that is available for free at every DMV. The only questions that appear on the test will be in the Drivers Manual. Public Schools often tell students that they have to take Drivers Education first, this is FALSE and is a persistent myth

  • Can I take the classroom books home and do some of the classwork at home?

No. Students are not allowed to take materials home. They must complete the classroom course at the Driving Academy and complete their required hours in the classroom at betel driving school llc suite 119

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